My Wooden Nickels

My wooden nickels were my first signature item and use the most. If you are interested in making your own, you can get them from Old Time Wooden Nickel Co.. They have a really good design tool so you can design your own signature item. You can also use one of their designs, or send in an image for your nickel like I did. You can also get them made in color, or black and white.

My nickels have a space on the back where I number them before I leave them at a cache. Below is the list of the places where I have dropped them and some the persons who have retrieved them. If you find one, please email me. I like to keep track of them and it's a great way to meet fellow cachers. Feel free to keep it, or pass it on like some have. One of them has made it all the way to North Carolina.

0001 Dropped Me 21-Jun-08 GC15P2R Beacon Shoe NH
0002 Dropped Me 22-Jun-08 GCQX8A I-93 Exit 4 Travel Bug Hotel NH
0003 Dropped Me 22-Jun-08 GC19F74 Plummer Road Park & Grab NH
0004 Dropped Me 22-Jun-08 GC10G9G Podcacher event cache (Exit 4 gas saver) NH
Retrieved UncleJimbo 06-Jul-08
0005 Dropped Me 29-Jun-08 GC19ZNZ Appletree Cache NH
0006 Dropped Me 29-Jun-08 GC19FAG Visit the Londonderry Town Pound NH
0007 Dropped Me 29-Jun-08 GCX01E Wolfe Park - McQuesten Pond NH
Retrieved taynmaddi21780 08-Oct-08
0008 Dropped Me 05-Jul-08 GC1AEWJ Haunted NY - Saratoga County Homestead NY
0009 Dropped Me 06-Jul-08 GC14WDH Levine Preserve NY
0010 Dropped Me 19-Jul-08 GC140BQ Old Route 29 Cache NY
Retrieved bsnyr 03-Aug-08 Said it was going to be their 1st signature item
0013 Gave Away Me 24-Jul-08 Gave to irate muggle to make him happy
0014 Dropped Me 26-Jul-08 GC746F Red's Bridge NY
0015 Dropped Me 26-Jul-08 GC1E8GW A Walking Tour of Galway Village NY
0016 Dropped Me 02-Aug-08 GCVB8R Great Cohas Brook NH
Retrieved nashuan 30-Aug-08
0017 Dropped Me 02-Aug-08 GC1CZ50 Massabesic Lake TB Hotel Redux NH
0018 Dropped Me 03-Aug-08 GC19Y1T Shop and Cache NH
0019 Dropped Me 09-Aug-08 GC1E16G Send me to Europe NH
0020 Dropped Me 16-Aug-08 GC1CZ4Z Along the railroad NH
0021 Dropped Me 10-Aug-08 GC18FJX If I were a cache NH
0022 Dropped Me 16-Aug-08 GCK4XW Foreign Money Exchange II NH
0023 Dropped Me 25-Aug-08 GCJ8DH Guy Park Manor NY
Retrieved softball29 30-Aug-08
0024 Dropped Me 27-Aug-08 GCH8CC Another Roadside Cache NY
0025 Dropped Me 27-Aug-08 GCVTDA Between A Rock And A Hard Place NY
0027 Dropped Me 29-Aug-08 GC13E9Z PIRATES BOOTY NY
0028 Dropped Me 30-Aug-08 GCVVYE Broadalbin Water Supply NY
Retrieved dmjohns85 28-Feb-09
0029 Dropped Me 31-Aug-08 GCWPTA Old Covered Bridge Cache NY
0030 Dropped Me 06-Sep-08 GCYVGK Up, Up and Away! NH
0031 Dropped Me 06-Sep-08 GCZW1A B AND P NH
Retrieved Morrills 23-May-09
0032 Dropped Me 07-Sep-08 GC1EP7W N. Londonderry TB Inn NH
0033 Dropped Me 13-Sep-08 GC121CY Grampa hits 500…and we do not mean years! NH
0034 Dropped Me 14-Sep-08 GC1A2F0 Where's the Beef? NH
0035 Dropped Me 14-Sep-08 GC1A2GD Elliot NH
0036 Dropped Me 14-Sep-08 GC194RF Coca Cola NH
0037 Dropped Me 23-Sep-08 GC1CCN8 Deluxe Accomodations NY
Retrieved gitalzx 06-Jun-09
0038 Dropped Me 23-Sep-08 GCTPNH Pay It Forward at Coy Dog Hollow NY
0039 Dropped Me 04-Oct-08 GC1DDAA P&S #2 NH
0040 Dropped Me 04-Oct-08 GC17V6Q Virginia Ave. - NH Monopoly Challenge NH
0041 Dropped Me 11-Oct-08 GCYWX2 Third Times the Charm NH
0042 Dropped Me 12-Oct-08 GC1F52V BlueBelt / Blue-Stripe Belt NH
0043 Dropped Me 12-Oct-08 GC18WB8 Zipping Siegi Gas Saver NH
Retrieved kraphty203 18-Jul-09
0044 Dropped Me 19-Oct-08 GCNKCN Krazy Kids NY
Retrieved swizzle 25-Mar-09
Retrieved fezmarie 10-May-09 GC17A4T Edinburg Park Multi NY
Dropped fezmarie 17-May-09 GC1Q5HO Canal Store Stump NY
Retrieved swizzle 21-May-09
0045 Dropped Me 19-Oct-08 GCXH0D Got info? NY
Retrieved David lois 01-Nov-08
Retrieved Master Tubbs and co. 01-Jan-09 GC122T9 Goose und Skvirrel VA
Dropped Master Tubbs and co. 29-Jan-09 GC1AWP2 Don't Bug Me #2 VA
Retrieved KUJO13 17-Feb-09
0046 Dropped Me 19-Oct-08 GCJ4J8 Yankee Hill Lock NY
Retrieved rattlehorse 14 Mar-09
Dropped rattlehorse 17-Mar-09 GC1M9N4 The Oven Tree VA
0047 Dropped Me 19-Oct-08 GC13599 Aqueduct or Culvert 4 NY
Retrieved redneckgirls 21-Apr-09
0048 Dropped Me 25-Oct-08 GC1FDRH Conservation Conversation NH
Retrieved Mountain_Wanderer 13-Apr-09
0049 Dropped Me 25-Oct-08 GCTP0H Little Cohas 2 NH
0050 Dropped Me 01-Nov-08 GC1D7YT Just had to…Sorry NH
0051 Dropped Me 01-Nov-08 GC103HX …………about NOTHING NH
0052 Dropped Me 01-Nov-08 GC13G7P Troilus And Cressida NH
0053 Dropped Me 02-Nov-08 GCZ16X Fire road 54 Gas saver NH
0054 Dropped Me 08-Nov-08 GC15T1R Park Place NH
0055 Dropped Me 09-Nov-08 GCHBF9 Londonderry Rec. Fields NH
Retrieved MattBecc 09-Sep-09
0056 Dropped Me 09-Nov-08 GC1EWRY Purple Belt NH
0057 Dropped Me 09-Nov-08 GC1AVH7 STEAMED!! NH
0058 Dropped Me 16-Nov-08 GCHCRR Just a Walk in the park NH
0059 Dropped Me 29-Nov-08 GC14MAV pretty in PINK NH
0060 Dropped Me 29-Nov-08 GC19PRQ Where the two shall meet NH
0061 Dropped Me 30-Nov-08 GCM58R Photo Album of Geocachers NH
Retrieved knkelcachers 01-Jan-10
0062 Dropped Me 05-Dec-08 GC1JBKE Biker Challenge NH
0063 Dropped Me 06-Dec-08 GC1916F Atlantic Ave NH Monopoly Series NH
Retrieved mfdbean554 01-Jun-09
Retrieved vtmger 04-Sep-10 GC1M8HT The historical culvert - La calvette historique Ontario, Canada
Dropped 17-Sep-10 GC2C1MZ METALHEAD: Soilwork Fan VT
0064 Dropped Me 20-Mar-09 GC13A80 Monadnock View NH
0065 Dropped Me 17-Apr-09 GCW80E Friedsam Town Forest NH
Retrieved mrcorbina 30-May-09
0066 Dropped Me 19-Apr-09 GC17ENY Welcome to Wilmington VT First one dropped on Vermont
0067 Dropped Me 03-May-09 GCZ7GF PKRK Cache NH
0068 Dropped Me 06-Jun-09 GC1P6Y9 Either I'm Batty or NH
0069 Dropped Me 11-Jun-09 GC1RRY5 REMEMBERING LILY NY
0070 Dropped Me 12-Jun-09 GC1GWN4 Wormholes - Episode 2 - Britain NY
0071 Dropped Me 12-Jun-09 GCXH0D Got info? NY 2nd one dropped here
Retrieved TheSpors 16-Aug-09
0072 Dropped Me 14-Jun-09 GCR6JY Just Another Brick In The Wall VT
0073 Dropped Me 20-Jun-09 GC1MMGV Precious Treasures NH
0074 Dropped Me 20-Jun-09 GC1N4QV Kellan's Kirk NH
0075 Dropped Me 27-Jun-09 GC1GPZY Wormholes - Episode 1 - Canada NH
0076 Dropped Me 19-Jul-09 GC1BXW0 WHY KNOT? NH
0077 Dropped Me 26-Jul-09 GCR6JA Sweetman "Rest" Stop NY My 250th Find
Retrieved stlbird 06-Mar-10
0078 Dropped Me 28-Jul-09 GC1VXRP Frenchman's Creek NY
0079 Dropped Me 28-Aug-09 GCMGEK Eet Smakelijk! NH
Retrieved vt-spike 09-Dec-09
0080 Dropped Me 30-Aug-09 GCWRM6 TheShanerDoodle NY
0081 Dropped Me 03-Sep-09 GC1VE63 Fox Lair NY
0082 Dropped Me 17-Sep-09 GC1D3J0 Sports Pride NH
0083 Dropped Me 07-Nov-09 GC1E4ET Peanut's Loot NH
0084 Dropped Me 22-Nov-09 GC1DXQ7 Merit Badge-Shotgun Shooting NH
0085 Dropped Me 22-Nov-09 GC1P9XX Robin…Like the Bird NH
0086 Dropped Me 06-Mar-10 GC148F2 TIGER #1 NH
0087 Dropped Me 03-Apr-10 GC24V5N I Don't Like PIE !!! NH
0088 Dropped Me 01-May-10 GCQVMA Billy's Baubles NH
0089 Dropped Me 09-May-10 GC23D1V L.F.N.Y. - DON'T DRINK THE WATER # 4 VT
0090 Dropped Me 15-May-10 GC21Q2H Turtle Log NH
0091 Dropped Me 15-May-10 GC1FVAP B&M Clastrocache NH
Retrieved TTANDRB 25-Sep-10
Dropped 06-Nov-10 GC1R21A Welcome to Winant Park NH
0092 Dropped Me 30-May-10 GC23Y8R Consaulis Vly County Forest NY
Retrieved nimotrainer 03-Apr-13
0093 Dropped Me 19-Jun-10 GC1TY99 Tionnonderoge II NY
0094 Dropped Me 20-Jun-10 GC28NE2 Hope For The Cure NH
0095 Dropped Me 22-Jun-10 GCV23R Leave Your Worries NH
0096 Dropped Me 27-Jun-10 GC1R1ZB Togue Twisters #5 NH
0097 Dropped Me 03-Jul-10 GC28YP9 The Sand Pit NY
0098 Dropped Me 05-Jul-10 GC2AW23 Stay on Target NY
Retrieved NY_Buddhist 09-Jul-10
0099 Dropped Me 06-Jul-10 GCHQAT MA From VT VT
0100 Dropped Me 11-Jul-10 GCV23Z Erase Your Worries Gas Saver NH
0101 Dropped Me 22-Jul-10 GC29GQC Bark Bark Valle NY
0102 Dropped Me 30-Aug-10 GC1YMTY Stickpile NY
0103 Dropped Me 21-Oct-10 GC2G4A6 Friday The 13th "Jason" part 1 NH
Retrieved ??? 06-Nov-10 Received email it was picked up but find never logged
0104 Dropped Me 11-Nov-10 GC173JX C is for… NH
Retrieved Gonzomini 31-Dec-10
0105 Dropped Me 20-Mar-11 GC2K3CV Cemetery Brook NH
Retrieved soxfan0915 11-Apr-11
0106 Dropped Me 13-Nov-10 GC2C6JW RIP D.C.C. NH
0107 Dropped Me 16-Apr-11 GC2CC9E buddy#23 NH
Retrieved gomerkyle9 17-May-11
Dropped gomerkyle9 20-May-11 GC2TKBE what were you eggspecting the Easter bunny? ME
Retrieved santclaus 22-May-11
0108 Dropped Me 13-May-11 GC28JJ9 Dublin's First Meeting House NH
0109 Dropped Me 21-May-11 GC1AVGK A Muddy Trail NH
0110 Dropped Me 30-May-11 GC2V6NH Cache 0f Misfit Toys NY
0111 Dropped Me 04-Jul-11 GC2YH2K Dirt Road Cache 2 NY
0112 Dropped Me 01-Jan-12 GC1P305 DAnanana IT's Electric Boogy woogy woogy AZ 1st one in Arizona
0113 Dropped Me 29-Jan-12 GC1TDPF Coco's Secret Cache AZ
0114 Dropped Me 17-Feb-12 GC22GDK Pipe line AZ
Retrieved petefav 27-Jun-12
0115 Dropped Me 25-Mar-12 GC2ZYXC Altoids: Spearmint AZ
Retrieved epic_echerivels 08-May-12
0117 Dropped Me 08-Apr-12 GC3EFTW DB#4: New Kids on the Block AZ
0118 Dropped Me 05-May-12 GC39TDH 6th Birthday Hide AZ
0119 Dropped Me 06-May-12 GC2507C THE VISITOR'S CACHE AZ
0120 Dropped Me 20-May-12 GC1W1E0 See you at the Met AZ
0121 Dropped Me 27-May-12 GC2ZWJB Barbed Wire Surprise AZ
Retrieved lissmay 06-Oct-12
0122 Dropped Me 28-May-12 GC2PBDQ "New Roads" AZ
0123 Dropped Me 24-Jun-12 GC1JC46 The Labors of Hercules: Cerberus AZ
Retrieved Starcatchers2006 25-Sep-12
0124 Dropped Me 24-Jun-12 GC33NR2 DB#5: The Grind in the Southern Mill AZ
0125 Dropped Me 05-Jul-12 GC2YN15 Tech-ie-Cache NY
0126 Dropped Me 06-Jul-12 GC3HFKX Wormholes - Final Episode? NY
0127 Dropped Me 09-Jul-12 GC3H8Q2 Easter Egg Event 2012 Remembrance Cache NY
0128 Dropped Me 12 Aug-12 GC35CF6 ::HaLLe HeaRT:: AZ
0129 Dropped Me 26-Aug-12 GC29RD9 Didn't Fool Me AZ
0130 Dropped Me 03-Sep-12 GC1E6WT King Me!!!!!! AZ
0131 Dropped Me 03-Sep-12 GC3B4NY jimmy buffett AZ
Retrieved rdevansville 20-Mar-13
0132 Dropped Me 16-Sep 12 GC26PXQ Cache-w Chicken AZ
0133 Dropped Me 23-Sep-12 GC15CFA The Linx AZ
0134 Dropped Me 10-Oct-12 GC1JQXY Dr. Dental and Mr. Hide UT
0135 Dropped Me 28-Oct-12 GC3EBP3 craic AZ
Retrieved mlcoomer 24-Nov-12
0136 Dropped Me 18-Nov-12 GC1APAG Chicago Rocks AZ
0137 Dropped Me 09-Dec-12 GC1D7YN Better than Half Foods! AZ
Retrieved agentsofsecretstuff 27-Jan-13
0138 Dropped Me 25-Dec-12 GC3R2KE B.P.S. Recycled AZ
Retrieved simpjkee 27-Dec-12
0139 Dropped Me 25-Dec-12 GC1H9QQ Flix Cache AZ
0140 Dropped Me 06-Jan 13 GC23AGP Quadrat AZ
0141 Dropped Me 20-Jan-13 GC4408J Lego Minifigure Exchange AZ
Retrieved _epic_ 21-Jan-13
Dropped _epic_ 21-Jan-13 GC2JY4T Bagel-Not AZ
Retrieved croz5050 22-Jan-13
0142 Dropped Me 20-Jan-13 GC3WP83 Pin Kollection #3 AZ
0143 Dropped Me 17-Feb-13 GC44MB3 Minnesota Pines AZ
Retrieved smarizona 21-Feb-13
0144 Dropped Me 17-Feb-13 GC1M40R Steel Life AZ
0145 Dropped Me 03-Mar-13 GCRMMC Time and Temp points to … AZ
0146 Dropped Me 10-Mar-13 GC1PNQ2 Me & Julio Down by the Pole Yard AZ
Retrieved team-irrimor-paul 10-Apr-13
0147 Dropped Me 10-Mar-13 GC46J87 Bookmark this site AZ
0148 Dropped Me 14-Apr-13 GC1TNBH nicolo's FTF signature item trader AZ
0149 Dropped Me 12-May-13 GC20A06 Don't Fence Me In AZ
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